Episode 10 – Marketing Yourself with Carmel Macmillan

Transitioning from full time executive to full time director.  Carmel Macmillan shares how she has done it and what she has learnt along the way.

Carmel didn’t see being a director in her future.  She was a successful marketing executive who had built a career working for some of Australia’s biggest companies.  And then she was exposed to some inspiring directors around the board table and that changed all that.

Join me as I explore Carmel’s journey from executive life to full time director career, what she is most grateful for, and what she has learnt along the way.

In this episode we unpack Carmel’s director career which includes:


  • Non-Executive Director, Women on Boards
  • Director, The Mater Foundation
  • Director, Multiple Sclerosis Society of Queensland


  • Chair, Queensland Poetry Festival
  • Director, Lagberry Pty Ltd
  • Director, Piovesan Nominees Pty Ltd

In our chat we covered:

  • Her dream board
  • Growing up in Brisbane and her Italian heritage
  • Her executive career in marketing and product development with some huge companies like Nestlé, Inghams, Peters Ice Cream and Golden Casket Lotteries
  • Her favourite marketing campaign (which made both of us tear up!)
  • Her early board career on various NFP committees and the board of her son’s school in support of her son’s special needs
  • How she made the leap onto larger boards
  • How she has secured her board roles (hint: it didn’t involve applying for advertised roles)
  • Her biggest learning as a director
  • What she is most grateful for as a director
  • How directors can show kindness in their work
  • Her experiences with mentors – formal and informal
  • Her recent appointment to Women on Boards, with an overview of the awesome work that they do to assist women to get on boards
  • The most significant governance challenge facing boards = keeping up with change!
  • Her advice for those seeking to become a director
  • The boards she is looking for – FMCG and aged care
  • Her number one tip for creating a high-performing board

Links and Resources

Carmel’s LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cmmacmillan/

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